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About Us

We are a friendly and experienced service that helps families and individuals in moving from one house to another house.
We have dedicated crew members with specialization in different areas of removal services, and we have hands-on experience with removal tools. That’s why we are not afraid of using them.
We transport the belongings of our customers in our owned vehicles, and we have all licenses and certifications from the Government authorities.
We take our job very seriously and always do the full effort for our customers. When we get a project, then we dedicate our full resources to the job. So, our customers can have complete satisfaction and full value against their money.
We provide wide range of services for our customers that include house removal, goods delivery, man and van service, furniture dismantling, furniture packing, and product box packaging.
We always aim to provide as much convenience as possible to our customers.


House Removal

Whether you are changing your city or moving to a remote town, you absolutely need your belongings transported safely to the next destination. An inexperienced and naïve removal service cannot guarantee you the best safety of your stuff.
House removal is a several step process that involves careful packaging of stuff with extra careful transport. So, every item can reach the next destination in one piece without any damage or even a scratch. However, successful removal is only possible with trained persons, specialized tools, and exceptional transport vehicles.
We are providing a house removal service for years. That’s why we know how to do it properly. In the past few years, we have managed to serve hundreds of clients, along with complete satisfaction. We have all certifications and licenses from authorities, and we have experienced crew with all the required training.
When a customer hires us, then we do not start removal immediately, but we carefully inspect all things. It’s because every house removal is different.
At the start, we send a trained person to calculate all risks and other factors. Then, we categorize the belongings of the house and arrange the necessary packaging for it. We always use the best protective packaging. So, our customers never get any damage or loss of property.
When we have categorized all items, then we package items and number boxes. Then, we load them on the truck carefully. After loading, we transport stuff to their destination. Our drivers are experienced, and we never got any complaints from any of our customers.
If our customers need to dissemble furniture, then we also do that with satisfaction. Moreover, we also assemble the furniture again when we reach the next destination.
We provide a guarantee that your stuff will reach its destination safely, and we also provide insurance on belongings.

Man & Van

Whatever you have to transport, we can help you in the best possible way. We have partnered with many professional men who have their own vans, along with professional attitude, training, and behavior.
We have been providing man and van services for years. Many of our regular clients call us at odd hours and we still serve them with quality service.
The thing is: when you have to transport something from your house or any place, then you always need packaging. Our men will help you package your stuff carefully, along with careful loading on to the van. So, your belonging does not damage or even get a scratch.
When you hire man and van services from us, then you only have to call us, and our man will be at your point within the described time.
Most of the time, customers also need to travel with your stuff. For that, we always keep a seat spare for our customers. So, they can travel with their stuff while keeping close consideration of driver’s behavior on the road.
Our men are trained well enough to handle all kinds of loading, unloading, packaging, and transportation. Moreover, our men know all the possible routes in the city. So, you can reach your destination in the minimum time.
We always partner with men who have their own vehicles, along with proper documentation and training. So, you can transport your stuff without getting any trouble from any authorities.
We provide vans that are in super condition and well maintained. That’s why you will never face breaking down of vehicle on the road that can waste your time.
Whether you need transportation in the morning, night, or any particular time, we are ready to serve you. Just call us, our man will be at your door in the minimum time possible.


Goods Delivery

Whether you need to deliver personal items or business delivery, we do it with complete satisfaction. We provide nationwide goods delivery service that is suitable for almost every customer’s needs.
We are a flexible and convenient service, and our team always adds a personal touch to your parcel. Most of the time, our customers have to send valuable items to their desired destination. That’s why we use specialized boxes and packaging. So, the contents or delivery always remain safe and intact.
When we receive an order for delivery, then we do it according to our customer’s convenience. If we have to pick up the parcel from the customer’s place, then we suddenly deploy our team members to go and receive it. Moreover, customers can also reach our service point and make an order there.
After packaging and the numbering of delivery items, we start the goods delivery process and send the parcel immediately. We do not hold items for another shift. Our process is timely, and we organize it in a way that our delivery goes out three times a day.
Our dedicated delivery persons deliver the parcel at the required destination within the described time. That’s why your goods will reach their destination on time.
We always try to work fast as much as possible. So, our customers get what they want in the minimum time possible.
We always verify the delivery with the signature and phone number of the receiver. If you desire to take cash payments for your delivery, then we will do that for you. In fact, many businesses are using our service to deliver products to their customers at their doorsteps.
Our network is nationwide and we deliver all over the country with the best possible time. Call us for hiring our super-fast delivery services and get your package delivered perfectly in minimum time.

Furniture Dismantling

When you are moving to your house, then the most difficult part is furniture dismantling. You may have seen carpenters fixing furniture for days when you installed it for the first time. This will happen to you when you move it to another house. However, before that, you also have to disassemble it, and it is not a process that you should take carelessly.
We provide furniture dismantling service with complete satisfaction, and we have all the required tools for it. Our dedicated staff takes every job seriously and unlock all parts of the furniture perfectly. So, there must not any damage or even a scratch on your valuable furniture.
We have hired experienced workers who know every inch of wood working, furniture assembly, and packaging the furniture. Our staff will dissemble your furniture part by part and package it in the safest packaging. Every box will be numbered. So, on arrival at your new house, it can be assembled and fixed again.
We take pride in our work and consider every project as a milestone for our career. That’s why we have served numerous clients last year.
If you have complex furniture that requires extra care and techniques to take in part by part, then you should not worry. We know all techniques and tricks that help us solve every furniture mystery.
We always use reliable and befitting transport vehicles for furniture. So, our customers never have to complain about damage during transport. Our drivers are seasoned and they know how to transport fragile items on the highway.
If you have antique furniture that you want to transport to your next house, then we are perfect for this job. We will pack it with the best protection and transport it to your next house.
Calls us for further details and your requirements.

Furniture Dismantling

Box Packing

Whether you need to package your products for business, or you want personal items in a box, we provide professional box packing service.
Every item or product has different safety requirements. That’s why we inspect everything before starting and decide the appropriate and best packaging material for the required protection. We have a wide variety of boxes available in the inventory, and you can choose any according to your requirements.
Meanwhile, if you require any kind of customization and labeling, then we do it on your preference. Moreover, if you require extra padding for more protection, then we also it on a discount.
Most of the time, our customers are business persons who require box packing service on a large scale. That’s why we have hired the required staff for large orders. If we need more pairs of hands, then we can arrange them on short notice.
It is always required by the customer that the item reaches its destination intact and without any damage. That’s why we use all packaging techniques and tricks to ensure the safety of the packaged item.
If you need to package equipment, raw material, or sensitive items, then we can manage wooden boxes for you. Our experienced carpenters will produce the required wooden crate for your items at a reasonable cost.
We have the knowledge and experience to package any kind of item for moving, and we guarantee that your item will reach its destination in a full piece without any scratch or damage.
If you require packaging for house removal, then we can provide all the required boxes at very short notice. Just call us, and we will send our dedicated staff to your place. If you require a detailed quote, then send us all your requirements, and we will add a special discount for you.

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